Masterclass: Compliance culture and managing conflict

CPD Accredited 1 Day Course

In this one-day CPD accredited course, we look at why compliance culture can be so challenging within companies and discuss ideas for resolution. The course will be most useful for those managing teams involved in development and review of pharmaceutical company materials and activities be they in medical, compliance or commercial roles.

The morning session with Dr Nick Broughton focuses not only on why ‘non-compliant’ decisions are made but also on why sometimes ‘no’ decisions are made as compliance inertia takes hold. Practical team solutions will be proposed and discussed to enhance understanding between medical, compliance and commercial perspectives.

In the afternoon Tara Dominick, Director of Performance Communications at Makara Health, provides expert guidance on conflict management. Individuals can get caught up in the content of a conflict situation, this session looks at the process and enables a dissociated approach, that takes emotion out of the scenario and inspires thinking that is solution based. The session includes state management, language skills for effective communication and a neuroscience exercise, exploring different perspectives in a conflict situation that can shift thinking towards a better outcome.

We run this course at regular intervals throughout the year. If you are interested, please contact us directly regarding the next available course.

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