Makara Health: Who and why?

Makara Health is an independent healthcare communications agency. Our flexibility, depth of experience and vision mean that we deliver solutions that make a genuine difference, whether it’s explaining complex science to the world, training staff or creating belief-driven change campaigns. Our open and honest approach to developing medical communications consistently produces outstanding outcomes for healthcare professionals, patients and your business.

Makara Health started from a desire to do things differently, to work as a senior team more closely with our clients, and to incorporate the art of psychology into our methodology, to deliver powerful messages designed to create a realistic shift in behaviour.

Makara is a Sanskrit word meaning sea-creature in Hindu mythology. Makara are considered guardians of gateways and the South Asian river dolphin may have contributed to the image of the Makara. Dolphins are highly sociable animals, exhibiting tremendous power output, efficiency and a highly evolved communications system – qualities we have taken for Makara Health. Like the ‘Makara’ we collaborate to guard and grow your reputation.

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Creative and Digital

Creative and Digital

We support brands from pre-launch and throughout their product life cycle with branding and core messaging delivered through tailored launch/re-launch promotional campaigns using a mix of traditional and digital approaches.

Medical Education

Medical Education

We create a wide range of innovative medical education solutions across a variety of therapy areas that shape thinking and change behaviour.

Learning & Development

Learning & Development

We bring training to life by utilising the psychology of behavioural change and performance techniques to develop bespoke training programmes for a rapid rise in team knowledge and excellence.

Public Relations

Public Relations

We deliver expertise across all areas of communications including media relations, internal and external communications, digital and social media and crisis communication.

Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement

We have a strong record of creating disease-specific patient support programmes that empower patients with the skills necessary to change their behaviour and achieve optimum treatment outcomes.

Insights and Strategy

Insights and Strategy

We work in partnership with you to take commercial intelligence and data to create opportunities and plan belief-driven campaigns that have a clear strategic advantage.


Pre-Call Planning

Excellence in pre-call planning

Creation of a digital tool for effective pre-call planning utilising language to support the sales force achieve greater belief-driven change.

Creating Performance Power

Creating performance power

A tailored cross-company personnel development programme for leadership excellence, improvement in sales force performance and enhanced market access communications.

Corporate communications and early market shaping

A bespoke communications programme for a Swiss-based biotech company aiming to profile itself, raise awareness of its assets, encourage investor interest, and support early drug development communications.

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